… When Husbands Feel Rejected, Emasculated and Disrespected

In this article, I will be speaking directly to husbands that feel despised by their wives and wives that harbor and demonstrate substantial contempt for their husbands. I am aware that many wives identify with the premise of this article, and I…

……………..Tweeting, Cheating, Texting, Messaging

Social media is THE perfect invention for people prone to cheating! It’s like, one day, we hit a certain age; have too many adult beverages; is loneliness; and/or doesn’t feel particularly sexy or desired, and an easy antidote looks something like posting a hot selfie on…

….. And the 1 Action that Can Help

Assertiveness and aggressiveness; Oh how the two are often confused. In reality, some of the most assertive people are actually some the kindest people you probable know. So what exactly is assertiveness?

Assertiveness IS:

  • Maintaining & Communicating your Boundary
  • Maintaining & Communicating…

…..Empathy Goes A Long Way With the Betrayed Partner After Infidelity

Empathy is powerful. The display of empathy by an unfaithful partner can single handedly start to heal the relationship after an affair. But make no mistake, empathy can be a difficult task for the unfaithful partner to display to…

Our brain is always scanning our environment for danger, but sometimes our brains tells us that danger is present when it is not. Many people report panic attacks or becoming overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and a sense of doom when this occurs. Adrenaline starts flowing and survival takes over. Blood…

Robyn Finley

Marriage and Family Therapist, Ed.S Specialize in Infidelity Recovery, Betrayal Trauma, Overall Mental Health & Wellness, & ALL things Sex

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